“Me & E (feat. YACO) ” - Trey Kams
Good Company before the name. A music video by Trey Kams and Yaco before becoming one project, “Good Company”.
Good Company
played Music Midtown 2019 both supporting and sharing the stage with Goldspace.
”Do It Like Me (feat. Yak the Mack & Good Company)” is our latest single and video we have out through No Jumper. The song was produced and mixed by Trey Kams of Good Company and has vocals from both Yaco of Good Company and Yak the Mack.

good company writing tour yr.01


A few photos from our first annual writing tour through Southeast U.s.

We took 11 days and traveled through four states writing new music with new people each city along the way. Dallas, Tx - Jackson, MS - Nashville, TN - Charolette/Raleigh, NC. 32 song ideas in 11 days. Merchandise, Recap books, photosets, an exclusive 32 song pack from tour, and more will be available soon. This was an incredible experience writing new music with new people and being able to work in person with people establishing a place for connected artists in the area to link; but it was very expensive. We would love to keep it up and travel to more cities, writing new music with the opportunity of working with new people, so all merch. $ will go toward making this happen next year. More music, info, pictures, and videos will be coming from tour soon. Stay tuned

good company writing tour.jpg